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Paola Parisi is an architect, working in Belgium.

The office is located in 2018 Antwerp, Belgiëlei 173-8, in the center of Antwerp.

She received her training at the University IUAV in Venice, where she graduated with highest distinction in 2014.
After some professional experiences in Italy and in Belgium, she decided to establish her own architectural firm.
We can assist you in the realisation of your projects in the following languages: Dutch, Italian and English.

Do you love Italian style and creativity? Be authentic, Italian design is our mother tongue.

In our designs, we have a natural tendency to seek beauty and refinement, without frills.
We are convinced that when surrounded by special aesthetic elements, it gives an immediate harmony, as well as an increased well-being and self-confidence.
We believe that cutting-edge creativity expresses itself in different ways and on different scales:"dal cucchiaio alla città" (free translation: "From the spoon to the city"), as it was  summarised in 1952 by the renowned Milanese architect Ernesto Nathan Rogers.
Whether it is a small or big project, it is treated with the same passion, seriousness and determination.

We are passionate about architecture, interior design, art and graphic design.

We give a special attention to the context: combining the modern with the antique, with respect for the past, trying to find the essence in clean forms, clean lines and in the honesty of the materials.

The combination of sensitivity and creativity allows to achieve a unique result, with a special individuality.

We are convinced that it is not enough to place a few stones side by side to speak of architecture: the concept and philosophy of a project makes it functional, beautiful and tailored to the occupant and his or her needs.
Are you ready to build your own piece of paradise?

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